At Kindred Label, we believe that luxury isn’t a compromise on comfort and convenience.

Our collection of foldable footwear redefine the boundaries of elegance, offering a new take on style and practicality. Our sandals are sophisticated, clever, and timeless. Kindred empowers women through smart and functional design. We are where form meets function meets freedom.

Kindred Label handmade in Portugal, crafted in Charleston

Handcrafted in Portugal

Our commitment to luxury begins with a careful selection of premium leather, sourced from trusted suppliers who share our passion for sustainable practices. Kindred Label’s foldable sandals and shoes are more than just footwear; they are a testament to the artists and heritage of Portuguese craftsmanship.

We chose a family-owned factory, passed down through generations that combines traditional meticulous techniques with our innovative ideas and technologies that result in footwear that harmoniously blend classic aesthetics with modern edge and functionality.

Meet the Founder

Cassidy Caulk, a visionary designer from Charleston, South Carolina, is the creative force behind Kindred Label, a brand for women by women. With a passion for fashion and a business degree from the College of Charleston, Caulk’s entrepreneurial mindset and determination set the stage for the birth of Kindred Label. 

A self-taught cobbler at the age of 24, Caulk meticulously designed and engineered the first groundbreaking prototype by hand, setting the foundation for the brand's ethos of innovation and quality. The patented technology is now displayed in each Kindred Label sandal design to blend fashion and functionality. Beyond the sandals, Caulk explores and designs other handmade leather goods on a personal side, including handbags and more.

Caulk's entrepreneurial mission is a dynamic fusion of addressing the everyday hurdles faced by women with an unwavering commitment to style and practicality. As an innovative and tenacious business owner, her potential for future ventures knows no bounds.